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Since techno-scientific mutations accelerate the evolution of natural and artificial life, the ability of "randomness" which responds quickly and flexibly to natural systems is thought-provoking. Since patterns or modes have always been an important condition in the process of our evolution, gradually, "randomization" in the literature world has also become more effective in the evolution of complex systems, such as asemic art and poetry. By incorporating concepts from material-ecocriticism and post-humanism, “working as a ‘diffraction apparatus’”, her practices utilize multiple natural materials, and are executed with both traditional and emerging medias. Sophie Ruoyu's oil painting, printmaking, and performance respond to and reinterpret the natural objects that are in a limbo of recognition, permeating poetics, on the threshold of the subjecthood, the recognizable and the representable. Her works are considered as diffraction apparatus--- to code and decode concepts and objects with the aspect of asemic arts, to achieve "words"/"scores" in symbiosis with humans, nature, and the autonomous poetics.

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