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Tong Wang is a digital artist, Her creations involve many themes, including humans, devils, and angels, which symbolize the good and evil within ourselves, and our constant exploration and struggle with them.

In her works, she uses mysterious colors and visual elements to present an artificial world that is full of fantasy and mystery. This world is a game world with multiple scenes and characters, and she can traverse it through different identities. This creative method allows her to better explore the relationships between different characters and scenes, as well as the expression of different aspects of the human psyche.

She firmly believes that, despite the world being full of uncertainty and contradictions, we can still find positive thinking and hopeful power within it. While she holds a pessimistic attitude towards reality, she hopes to express a positive mindset through her works and to inspire the audience to reflect on their own inner thoughts and self-exploration.

In her works, she is deeply influenced by romanticism and melancholic emotions, as well as the existence of divinity and supernatural forces. Through her works, she aims to convey these emotions and beliefs and to explore their meaning and value in the human psyche.

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