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The Void

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Exhibition:The Void

Date:2023.12.16- 12.17

Artist: Chenyu Huang, Amos Jin, Yucheng Liao, Zhiyun Qin, Nathan Tucker, Dawn Xintong Yang, Qinru Zhang

Tattoo: Neobot.FBX

DJ: Elixir, Fishtank

Address: 123 Bowery, New York

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A Space & Heavensgatenyc is pleased to announce the opening of The Void art exhibition & party on December 16th.

This is a speakeasy art party in the void. In the darkest corners of existence, where the void meets the infernal, there exists a unique and unsettling phenomenon—an infernal party that defies all earthly norms. “The void” is a theme that delves into the eerie and fascinating concept of a party that takes place in the very heart of the abyss, where chaos and celebration blend into a surreal and unsettling experience.

IMG_0390 拷贝.jpg
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cec8256c2c4dfc45973d57b141d92c1f 拷贝.jpg
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