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RIPPLE (lián 涟)

Date:   2023.7.18
Artists:  Alex Angel, Reuben Brown, Lulu Luyao Chang, Ker Chen, Danielle Gadus, Alice Yutong Hua, Peishan
Huang, Tong Wang, Xuanyi Aura Wang, Changcheng Yang, Sophie Ruoyu Zhang
Address:  :iidrr Gallery, 162 Allen Street, New York

A Space & :iidrr gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the one-night Art Party Ripple (lián 涟)Performance & Art Party on July 18th. Ripple (涟 lián) is a multisensory gathering that celebrates the nuances of diverse cultures. Just as the character "涟" suggests, Ripple encourages the connection of diasporic communities with water, evoking a symbolic hydrography within the exhibition space. Although water flows in many directions, it ultimately returns to its source. Our aim is to create a cultural hub — a utopia that rewinds nostalgic memories in contemporary new mediums.

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