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"Uncharted Water"

Technology, with its rapid and often unpredictable advancements, represents a vast and ever-expanding ocean of uncharted waters. Artists in this exhibition will delve into this metaphorical sea, exploring new technological frontiers and their impacts on human life. By embracing the unknown, these artists will provide insights into the complex issues arising from technological integration into everyday existence. 

"Uncharted Waters" encourages artists to venture into the unknown with curiosity and creativity. In this exhibition, we will focus on the theme "Technological Imprints," examining how technological advances shape human experiences and the ways in which artists explore these uncharted territories. The exhibition will highlight the intersection of technology and society, showcasing works that reflect on unfamiliar situations and the discomfort of navigating the unknown.

​Application Open:June 17 - July 11
Exhibition Open:July 17 - July 31
Submission fee:25$
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